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Livvie Locke's Bio

   Kelly Monaco joined the cast of Port Charles as Livvie Locke, daughter of Dr. Kevin Collins, unknown to both of them.  She ended up in Port Charles because her mother, Rachel was there.
   Rachel did not want her there because she didn't want Livvie to find out that Kevin was her father or vise versa.  Livvie befriended Lucy and went by the name of Charlie McMillian and moved in with Lucy.  She had terrible nightmares and actually became Kevin's patient. 
   Rachel blamed Kevin for her sister, Grace's death and wants revenge against him.  Livvie found out a bunch of lies about her life and things that were told to her so when Rachel tried to get Kevin in trouble Livvie came in to save Kevin, who he thought was Charlie McMillian too and Livvie blew everyone away with the news that she was Rachel's daughter. 
   Lucy of course starting thinking that Livvie might be Kevin's daughter so she had a DNA test done without anyone's knowledge and come to find out she was Kevin's daughter. 
   Grace had Livvie by Kevin and never told him and didn't want Livvie so Rachel who is really her Aunt, kept her and raised her as her own and then Grace died in a car accident that was her fault but everyone blamed Kevin.  Livvie finds all of this out and is really upset because she thinks her whole life was one big lie. 
   Rachel hates Kevin so much that she actually told him that Livvie was Ryan's.  Ryan now deceased is Kevin's twin brother who was a serial killer.  Kevin found out that it wasn't true and that Livvie was really his and he wanted to get to know her but Livvie was just confused and upset and decided to stay with Lucy. 
   Livvie then met Jack at the river where he made her fear of water go away.  She really liked Jack and they hooked up but then broke up because she thought he was usuing her to get back at Chris.  They finally hook back up and have a wonderful relationship. 
   Livvie and Jack became best friends with Jamal Woods and Alison Barrington and they all ran the bike shop together.  Jack and Livvie went camping and something happened to Jack while he was in the woods and he started acting strange and can't figure out what's wrong. 
   Then enters this stranger into town who intrigues Livvie.  He shows up where she is and she tells him to leave her alone but she is drawn to him for some reason.  Zach, a bad guy that Jamal once knew shows up and blackmails Jamal into racing his bike. 
   On the last race Zach was going to have Jamal take drugs where he was racing and Alison didn't want him to race because she knew that Zach was going to do something bad and was scared so she threw his keys into the bushes.  Zach held Livvie hostage and made Jack race in Jamal's place. 
   They run Jack off the road and he ends up in an accident and dies.  Livvie is beside herself because she lost the only man she ever loved.  So Livvie, Jamal, and Alison build a wooden coffin and bury Jack in the woods because they didn't want Jamal to take the blame and go to jail. 
   They are scared when they get home and tell everyone that Jack stole money and ran off.  Livvie swears she will get revenge on Zach and goes and finds him and threatens him with a knife but he overpowers her and throws her on the ground. 
   The stranger she met who turned out to be Caleb Morley, the vampire saved her from Zach.  Livvie then left and went to the river because she was so upset over Jack and then all of a sudden Jack walks up and she can't believe it and then Jamal and Alison walks up and they can't believe it and they tell him what happened because he can't remember. 
   Come to find out he had gotten bitten by Caleb in the woods and broke out of the coffin with his superhuman powers.  Caleb continues to pursue Olivia because he wants her for his own.  He  manipulates Livvie and she falls under his spell and in love with him. 
   Her friends and family try to warn her and stop her and she tries to stay away from Caleb but what they have together is too strong to resist.  She turns her back on all of her friends and family to be with Caleb, but in the end it is she who kills Caleb. 
   Livvie drives a stake through Caleb's heart and  starts wreaking havoc on everyone in Port Charles. She ends up losing all of her friends. She lost Jack and blames her best friend, Alison for everything that happens to her.  Caleb enters back into Port Charles and so does a mysterious girl named Tess who looks exactly like Livvie. Tess also played by Kelly Monaco is the result of Caleb. 
   Caleb pulled all of the good out of Livvie's body and that's how Tess came to be. Tess has now gotten Livvie inside of her body because she doesn't want Caleb to hurt Livvie.   Finally Livvie comes out and Tess is gone for good. 
   Livvie and Caleb are together and he has turned her, will they live together happily ever after? Or will all of Livvie's schemes tear them apart?  Maybe their love is strong enough to keep them together, no matter what.